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Geological Modelling

MD Geology specialises in Geovia Minex software. We understand the construction of geological models from first principles, and how to solve the unique challenges that each different deposit and data set presents.

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Resource Estimation

Coal resource estimation and reporting in accordance with the requirements of the JORC Code 2012.

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Geostatistical Analysis

MD Geology has the unique combination of insightful knowledge about coal geology and geostatistics.

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Data Validation

Having a reliable geological dataset is vital to the sucessful evaluation of a project. MD Geology provides efficient, meticulous and relevant validation of data sets, as well as customised toolkits to assist with the process.

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Handy Geostats References

Following on from the CGC Introduction to Geostatistics course, I’ve put together a list and some links to some of the references I’d recommend reading to learn a bit more about geostatistics. Using Geostatistics for Resource Classification in Coal These two papers have a nice description of using Global Estimation Variance to optimise Drillhole Spacing: Bertoli, …
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